Internship Program

We also believe that the consumers we serve deserve the highest quality of care. As a result, we have developed several clinical training programs to train pre-licensed and license-eligible mental health clinicians in community mental health and specialty community-based services. The development of clinicians supports Anka's goal to maximize community-based client services and eliminate the impact of behavioral health problems for all people.

The goal of each of our clinical training programs is to assist the trainee/intern/fellow to achieve the competency level expected at their current level of training and to prepare them for either more advanced training or licensure. From Anka's perspective, the achievement of competency means more than theoretical or interventional knowledge. It means that the individual has acquired an appreciation and respect for diversity in our society, an understanding of how stigmatization and prejudice manifest and affect the individual and society, and how all of this impacts treatment.

For more specific information regarding one of our training programs, please contact us.

Training Programs

  • • CAPIC Pre-Doctoral Psychology Internship-Golden Gate CONREP
  • • Post-Master's MFT and MSW training program
  • • Psychology Practicum Training Opportunities